Chapter Executive Committee

  • Katherine Tachau, President (History)
  • Jeffrey Cox, Vice-President (History)
  • Richard Valentine, Secretary (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • M. Kathleen Clark, Treasurer (Nursing)
  • Loren Glass, Chair, Membership Committee (English)
  • Lois Cox, Chair, Committee A (Law)
  • Raghu Mudumbai, Webmaster (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Richard Kerber, At-Large (Medicine)
  • Frank Durham, At-Large (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • Michael E. Moore, At-Large (History)
  • Volker Thomas, At-Large (Education)

Committee A:

Chair: Prof. Lois Cox,

The members of Committee A are senior faculty members who are very familiar with the procedures and practices of the University, and who have years of experience dealing with faculty grievances. All contacts and conversations with Committee A are strictly confidential.