Local Highlights and Events

2018 AAUP Annual MeetingSaturday March 24, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, Art Building West, Room #116

Meeting Agenda:

10:00  Reception and refreshments

10:30  Short business meeting, devoted to the adoption of a new constitution and by-laws for the UI chapter (revised from the previous version which dates from 1949!).

11:00 Keynote address: Dr. Rachel Boon, Chief Academic Officer, Iowa Board of Regents, "Managing Change through Shared Governance," 11:00 am

Legal Assistance for individuals affected by changes to DACA

Message from Prof. Bram T.B. Elias, UI College of Law Clinical Program:

"My students in the University of Iowa Law Clinic's immigration practice area are extremely motivated to provide assistance to individuals affected by any changes to the DACA program, and would like to provide consultations, referrals, and (in appropriate circumstances) direct representation to any U of I students with DACA status who seek advice or information about how they might be personally affected by any new presidential policy with regard to DACA. [...]

Our (the Clinic's) phone number is 319-335-9023 and our email is law-legal-clinic@uiowa.edu."

Highlights and events from around the academic world

In October 2017, news broke of University of Wisconsin system president Ray Cross’s decision to propose a merger of the system’s two- and four-year institutions. It was the latest in a number of unilateral and secretive actions taken by system leaders, the state legislature, and Governor Scott Walker, condemned at the time by the AAUP and AFT Wisconsin as constituting “a concerted attack on the university as a public good and on the university’s role in fostering democratic participation.”

The day after the news of the proposed merger, President Cross, facing backlash from faculty, staff, and students, wrote the following in an email message to a system regent: “Getting hammered by the ‘shared governance’ leaders because they weren’t involved in the process; however, had they been involved we wouldn’t be doing anything!!”

The following resources from the AAUP are potentially useful to faculty concerned by recent political events:

Faculty Speech after the 2016 Election

Academe blog