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Recently, Klinzman learned that two of his personal social media posts prompted complaints to the Kirkwood administration. [...]

Late in the week of Aug. 18, Klinzman was told that he could not continue to teach at Kirkwood and was offered the choice of resignation or forced termination. Confronted with this choice, he resigned. [...] We write that Kirkwood’s decision “seems” to have stemmed from fear of violence from the complainants because the events happened very quickly without any sort of formal investigation or opportunity for hearing. Klinzman was not notified of any sort of right to appeal or challenge the decision to terminate his employment with Kirkwood.

Letter of Introduction from Chapter President Prof. Loren Glass

Dear chapter members, fellow travelers, and other interested parties,


It is a pleasure and a privilege to introduce myself to you as your new chapter president. This message is intended to give you an idea of how I understand my role and what issues I see as important to address in the coming year. I also hope to use this message as a recruitment tool. After finishing, if you approve of what you’ve read, please forward it to at least three people who you think might want to join the AAUP [...] click here for more

Highlights and events from around the academic world

by Steven Salaita

[...] The corporate university is disarming academic freedom by diminishing the circumstances in which it can be effective.

Let’s not shy away from the complicity of the tenured professoriate in this sorry state of affairs. Tenured positions are down. Government funding has decreased. The managerial class is a bloated monstrosity. Some instructors work multiple jobs without adequate benefits. Sexual violence is common. Racism appears poised for another golden age. The humanities are barely surviving. Student debt is outrageous. And those with job security did little to prevent any of it. [...]

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