Local Highlights

"Harreld ran up against a problem identified last year by Iowa’s best-known faculty member, Marilynne Robinson, in her widely read interview with President Barack Obama. Our universities, she said, are “miracles of civilization,” but they have no defenders. It appears that Harreld could find no defenders of the value of an Iowa degree in the Legislature. Even the Johnson County legislative delegation is unwilling to speak out publicly in defense of the faculty."

Highlights from around the academic world

Higher Education after the 2016 Election

"The AAUP and the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress have never endorsed or supported a candidate for president of the United States or otherwise engaged in partisan political activity on the national level. For over one hundred years the AAUP has vigilantly defended the professional rights and the academic freedom of all those who teach in higher education, irrespective of their political or other views, popular or unpopular, leftist or rightist. It would be foolish, however, to deny that most college and university faculty members did not support the election of Donald Trump. Many no doubt fear that his election threatens some of the core institutions of our democracy and may be the greatest threat to academic freedom since the McCarthy period."

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